Albert Cameron Comments on Cage Nation TV Production

Last night, Co-hosts and producers wrapped up filming of the inaugural episode of Cage Nation TV. It was refreshingly familiar for the duo and it was exciting and new. Albert Cameron was quoted as follows:

“It was a lot of fun and I think that the product is going to show a lot differently than our previous work had done. There are going to be growing pains without a doubt, but the audience is going to watch us grow and become more versatile than we had been able to be before. Cage Nation TV is a grassroots project and as Drew [Shannon; co-host and producer] were putting together material I was completely amazed at how much we could build with half the resources. We gave ourselves a freedom and permission to be more creative than ever before. I will say that RJ [producer; the MMA Rundown] was very missed and we’re hoping he is doing something he loves right now.”

Cage Nation TV’s inaugural episode is being edited and everyone is aiming for a Saturday morning release to YouTube and Facebook.