CONFIRMED: Complete Devastation’s Next Event is November 16th at the Jaffa Mosque

Complete Devastation MMAThe speculation is over: Complete Devastation MMA will return to the Logan Valley Region on November 16th, 2013 at the Jaffa Mosque. The date and venue have been confirmed by the official facebook page of Complete Devastation MMA today.

The November 16th event will be the first Complete Devastation MMA event since Complete Devastation MMA 8 on March 2nd, 2013 at the Blair County Convention Center. The MMA promotion, which started in early 2011, was the brain child of Go Time Promotions and promoter Jason Davis. Davis announced shortly after CDMMA 8 that the promotion had been sold to an investor and assured everyone that the promotion would continue. While the new owners have not come out and identified themselves as a promotional entity, the promotion has ties to Altoona Multimedia firm Nova 6 Studios.

The selection of venue is also a very interesting choice. Valley Fight League (VFL) had primarily promoted their events out of the Jaffa Mosque and Complete Devastation had exclusively promoted their events out of the Blair County Convention Center. With Complete Devastation MMA under new leadership, it is apparent that they are taking the Complete Devastation MMA brand to new venues. The official facebook page of Complete Devastation MMA even has a new logo for the promotion, further evidence that the new ownership is looking to rebrand the regional MMA mainstay in a slightly different direction.

We’ve reached out to the new owners of Complete Devastation MMA for a comment but they could not be reached at this time. More on this story as it develops.