VFL 42 Meltdown; Glunt vs. Dean Promoted to Main Event

Altoona, PA – Reports are running rampant right now about the fight card scheduled for tonight at the Jaffa Mosque in Altoona, Pennsylvania for Valley Fight League’s 42nd installment and their seventh in the “Broad Avenue Brawler’s” series.

The first reports received by the Cage Nation TV newsroom is that Altoona veteran Ryan “Goose Lee” Glunt has been promoted to the main event against Matthew Dean. The main event had been promoted as Eli Garshnick vs. Bellator veteran Shedrick Goodridge until today. No word is available on what happened to the Garshnick vs. Goodridge bout.

The next obvious choice for Main Event would have been Brett “Showtime” Shoenfelt vs. Mitch Whitesel, but apparently that fight has also been scrapped. Nothing official has come out of the Shoenfelt Camp or the Valley Fight League, reports and rumors have been going around that Shoenfelt was incredibly unhappy that Whitesel had failed to make weight and that the compensation wasn’t sufficient going into the bout.

In addition to all of the chaos up to that point, Roman Swaner will not be fighting Brandon Lux as scheduled. Paul “The Lionheart” Riggleman has stepped up and agreed to fight Swaner in a return bout from VFL 40 in Lux’s absence. No word as if Daniel McNulty will be fighting.

Reports from a source close to the situation has told us that the entire card began to melt down at the weigh-ins. Fighters weren’t able to make weight, pay disputes and other last minute minutia is what began the melt down. Valley Fight League has not cancelled the event as of this writing and media sources are planning on attending the event as planned. Cage Nation TV correspondents Drew Shannon, and Albert Cameron will be attending as planned.

More on this situation as information becomes available.

UPDATE (12:37 PM):

More information has come in regarding the the nuclear meltdown of Valley Fight League 42. Here’s what we’ve learned from an anonymous source very close to the situation:

  • Brett “Showtime” Shoenfelt and Mitch Whitesel had agreed to a catchweight bout at 180 lbs. Showtime made weight but Whitesel refused to cut any more weight after weighing in at 186 lbs. Shoenfelt asked that Whitesel make a certain weight and an increase in fight purse. Shoenfelt pulled the fight when accommodations couldn’t be made.
  • The fight between Roman Swaner and Brandon Lux was scrubbed when Swaner weighed in at 165 lbs (Welterweight) and Lux weighed in at 185 lbs (Middleweight).
  • Paul “The Lionheart” Riggleman vs. Daniel McNulty was scrubbed when the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission questioned McNulty’s training credentials and experience. Riggleman stepped up and agreed to fight Roman Swaner in a rematch from their fight at Valley Fight League 40.
  • Still no word on why Eli Garshnick vs. Shedrick Goodridge was pulled.
  • The fight between Andy Claar and Zachery Rice was scrubbed due to a serious weight differential and trainer disapproval of the fight.
  • There is no information available on the boxing card that is scheduled for this evening.

The fight card that is still scheduled to occur is as follows:

  • Main Event: Ryan “Goose Lee” Glunt vs. Matthew Dean
  • Paul “The Lionheart” Riggleman vs. Roman Swaner
  • Scott Wibble vs. Gary Pfahler
  • Travis Pfahler vs. Patrick Brett

Update (3:51 PM) – According to the official Facebook page of Paul “The Lionheart” Riggleman, he has discussed the upcoming rematch with Roman Swaner and as a group they have decided that now is not the right time to rematch against Swaner. Riggleman’s official statement was:

I want to say sorry but after consulting w my coaches Adam Pellegrino and Josh Carlson we as a team don’t think its a good time for me to fight roman…this was the 4th differemt fighter and the day of the fight change did it for me amd my coaches..again I’m sorry but NO FIGHT

Riggleman (SIC) continued to comment:

Roman was foghting for a title…just not good for me this time

Valley Fight League promoter expressed his distress over the way that tonight’s fight card has turned out. He did confirm that the bouts that remained would be contested as scheduled and that there would be five to six boxing fights.

Cage Nation TV has been following this situation all day and will be reporting from Valley Fight League 42 tonight at the Jaffa Mosque. Doors open at 6 PM and bell time is 7 PM.