The Hunt for Pink October

ImageThe Cage Nation TV crew has taken to Facebook today to show their support for the efforts to find a cure for cancer and their emotional support for the victims of the disease.

The support began with Albert [Cameron, co-host and producer] saying, in no uncertain terms, what he thought of the disease. From there, producer Mike Kessling rendered a new version of the Cage Nation TV logo (pictured left) and the producers and hosts of the show shared the picture to show their support.

After a meeting with producers and hosts, it has been decided that the episodes in the month of October would have a special pink hue to the titles and graphics. In the tradition of Penn State football (Drew and Albert are from the State College area), the event is being dubbed a “Pink Out.”

Albert was quoted as saying:

“I don’t think there is a word on this planet that I hate as much as the word “cancer.” It’s one of those words that will stop the heart, make you sick to your stomach and weak in your knees. Way too often we’re seeing friends, family and loved ones have to deal with the news that this ugly word has entered their lives and changed it forever. The human spirit has proven time and time again that it can’t be stopped and if we as a species on this planet want something bad enough, we will find it and we will take it. We’re all trying to encourage our realm of influence to get mad and as a people, get out there and find a cure.”

Stay tuned to CageNationTV.Com and the official YouTube channel of Cage Nation TV for the event.