Fight Stats: North Shore’s Rise to Power 4

So, the latest installment of “North Shore’s Rise to Power” by Gladiators of the Cage is in the books. The fights are over, the questions have been answered and the beefs (beeves? What’s the plural for beef?) have been squashed. Its in the afterglow of the event do we take time to reflect on the fights we have seen and analyze what we have watched. I’m a big fan of numbers, in particular, statistics when it comes to the fight game. There are a million excuses for every action and reaction, but at the end of the day, the numbers don’t lie.

We’ve sat down with all of the information available to us and we’ve broken it down to statistics that we hope you’ll find interesting. Let’s start with the amateurs:

  • Fighters out of the red corner were successful 64% of the time
  • The most popular amateur finish was a TKO or KO; 33% of the fights ended that way
  • The Guillotine Choke was the submission of choice for the amateur fighters (One fight actually ended in a TKO as a result of the guillotine choke). If a fight ended by submission in an amateur bout, the guillotine was the method of finish 100% of the time
  • The judges were on the same page with the amateur fights when it came to a decision; 100% of the decisions were unanimous
  • The average fight length was four minutes and twelve seconds
  • 44% (the largest percentage of any round) of the fights ended in the first round.
  • The longest fight is a tie between Garrett Dush vs. Tony Depitro and Tobious Taylor and Cody Karlheim; both bouts going the distance
  • The shortest fight was Dann Cucuta’s TKO victory over Jeremy Sakuta
  • 69% of the fights on the card were amateur bouts

The pro card included two very high profile fights: the title fight between Chris Dempsey and Mohammed Abdullah and the grudge fight between Cody “No Love” Garbrandt and Dominic “The Honey Badger” Mazzotta. Lets analyze the action:

  • Fighters out of the red corner were successful 75% of the time
  • The finish of choice is dead even between submissions and TKO/KO; the pros did not leave it in the judges hands once.
  • Half of the fights were finished in the first round, the other half were finished in the second
  • The longest fight was Mohammed Abdullah vs. Chris Dempsey for the middleweight title
  • The shortest fight was Sharif Jones’ victory over Mitch Killeen

Now let’s look at the big picture; the entire fight card, both pro and amateur:

  • The red corner was home to 69% of the night’s winners
  • KO / TKO was the finish of choice for our fighters (38%)
  • The guillotine choke was used as a submission 75% of the time and the triangle used 25% (Note: only one fight ended by triangle choke)
  • The judges were all in agreement; 100% of the decisions were unanimous
  • Almost half (46%) of the fights were finished in the first round
  • The longest fight was a tie between Dush vs. Depitro and Taylor vs. Karlheim
  • The shortest fight of the night was Sharif Jones vs. Mitchell Killeen

I want to close this piece with an appreciation for the sport and the opportunity to be at Stage AE last night. It feels like yesterday when the sport was banned and there was little anyone could do to get that ruling overturned. At North Shore’s Rise to Power 4, I saw fights, friends and people that I respect in the commissioning body and in the promotional aspect.

It’s great times to be a fight fan.