Jon Rearick vs. Dan O’Neil 2 Set For November 1st?

cdmma-logoTensions are getting high in the Jon Rearick camp this afternoon. According to Jon Rearick’s personal facebook page, he has been challenged by Dan O’Neil and by the sounds of it, he’s accepting the fight. Rearick said on Facebook:

“[SIC] Soo my mind is made up! I was gonna wait till Oct to fight in Johnstown but I just got called out by Dan O’Neil the guy I lost to in Nov!! Beat me one time cool 2nd u won’t make it out alive! And ur talking shit! Ur reason is u don’t think I’m nice soo u can step into my house but u won’t make it out!”

Rearick vs. O’Neil 1 was the opening bout to Complete Devastation MMA 9; O’Neil scored a :38 second arm bar in the opening round. Rearick and O’Neil had taken drastically different paths since that fight; Rearick having an opponent lined up for Johnstown and that opponent had no-showed. After Johnstown, Rearick went on to defeat Harland Dietke at North Shore’s Rise to Power 5 this past weekend in Pittsburgh. Dan O’Neil had embraced retirement in order to start his own financial planning firm in West Chester.

We reached out to Dan O’Neil to get comment on the situation. O’Neil’s comment was brief, but positive, stating that he’s going forward with the rematch because if he were on the other side of the situation, he’d want a rematch too.

Neither party has publically came out and said that they will be fighting for Complete Devastation and the CDMMA promotion has not confirmed. Speculation is becoming stronger as November 1st is the tenth installment of the Complete Devastation MMA series at the Jaffa Mosque.

More on this story as it develops.