Video: The Future of MMA?

If I had all day, I don’t think I could list all of the problems with this fight. I’ll take a crack at it, though:

  • Tires don’t make the best ring posts. They don’t make good ring posts either. Tires make bad ring posts.
  • There is a ship in Poland that is missing all of their rope. That rope looks suspiciously like the ring ropes in that video.
  • How did they get their logo printed on the foam they make play mats for toddlers?
  • I’ll bet money this promotion started at a school yard with the challenge “5 of my friends vs. 5 of yours!”
  • When one fighter is out, two-on-ones are allowed …I’m glad to see that the “West Side Story” rules are still alive and well.
  • There are prison riots with more organization that that fight.
  • The post fight celebration will be featured on “The Best of Junior High Kickball”.

Do you guys think this type of team MMA will take off anytime soon?