BREAKING NEWS: Charlie “The Madman” Gathers Issues Challenge to UFC Vet Dustin Pague

The gloves have been thrown down and the challenge has been issued: Charlie “The Madman” Gathers (8-6-0) has called out UFC veteran Dustin Pague (11-10-0).

Gathers has confirmed to Cage Nation that he is aiming to square off against the UFC veteran for World Cagefighting Championships (WCC) at their event WCC 11 in January. Gathers, who is on a three fight win streak in thirty-six days, has been on a hyper-competitive schedule as of late and is not showing signs of slowing down. As his momentum is arriving at its apex, he has drawn his sights on a Pennsylvania native with some very impressive credentials; namely a tenure on the reality series “The Ultimate Fighter” and several fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Should the bout be greenlit, Gathers is aiming for a 140 lb. catchweight fight with Pague. Pague typically fights at either lightweight or featherweight and Gathers is a storied Bantamweight fighter. The choice of promotional venue also levels out the playing field; while The Madman has fought for World Cagefighting Championships before, he does not possess homefield advantage as the vast majority of his fights have been in the Western half of the state.

There has been no response from Dustin Pague’s camp as of this writing, but we’ll keep you posted as information becomes available.

UPDATE: World Cagefighting Championships Matchmaker Helen Locura has confirmed that Dustin Pague’s camp has accepted the fight with Charlie “The Madman” Gathers. The fight will occur at WCC XI on March 20th in Lancaster, PA. Members of the local MMA community and those close to the situation agree that this fight is a great fit for both men.