Gladiators of the Cage 15: Quick Results

Cage Nation host and photographer Rob “Perfect Attendance” Lynn was on hand for the action last night at Gladiators of the Cage 15 in Williamsport, PA. This event was super significant, as it marked one of Pennsylvania’s premier fighting events taking its show to other parts of the Keystone State to further cement territory and foothold.

Here are the results as Rob was able to obtain them:
• Melvin Britton defeated Ryan Thomas via Split Decision
• Aaron Finch defeated Mark Stetts at 1:30 of Round 1 via Rear Naked Choke
• Damon Thiel defeated Joel Gaines via Decision
• Andy Claar defeated Andy Anderson via Triangle Choke in Round 1
• Ramon Wilis defeated Tyler Fiest via Decision (It should be noted that Willis did vomit between rounds and come back to win the fight. A first in PA MMA History.)
• Brett “Showtime” Shoenfelt defeated Andrew Osborne via Split Decision
• Nathan Landwehr defeated Justin Steave via decision
• Rex Harris deafeats Rocky Edwards via UD

After thoughts:
• Damon Thiel is on a tear right now; he is able to secure wins by going the distance. That kind of gas tank on an up-and-comer makes them dangerous and Thiel is certainly a name to keep your eye on.
• Ramon Willis’ vomiting between rounds and coming back to win says two things: 1). He certainly has the heart and drive to compete despite his body telling him not to. That’s the kind of heart and toughness that large shows are looking for. 2). His body is sending him clues about his conditioning or his food intake before a fight; those are signals that you don’t want to ignore.
• Prior to meeting in the Gladiators cage in Williamsport, Brett “Showtime” Shoenfelt and Andrew Osborne were debuting pros for another promotion; their fights were back to back. Shoenfelt defeated Antwann Penn and Osborne won fight of the night against Tyler “Superman” Combs. Osborne was cornered by perennial GOTC fighter Charlie “The Madman” Gathers that night.
• The GOTC Middleweight division is beginning to get a lot of steam behind it. With his defeat of Rocky Edwards in a pro main event, how much time before Rex Edwards and “The Bionic Fist of Justice” Dann Cucuta square off?

Gladiators of the Cage making the trek to Williamsport was a statement of how they plan on annexing the state with their exciting brand of MMA.; it was an advancement towards the Eastern part of the state. Who wins in a battle of East vs. West MMA promotions? We do. The fans win, the press wins and competition improves.