Ethan Goss to Robert Armstrong: “You Pick The Time, Promotion, and Place; I’m Coming For You!”

Note: Ethan Goss had originally made his statement on camera with us; however, due to some extremely unfortunate circumstances, that audio was lost and video was rendered useless. Our apologies to everyone & Ethan Goss.

EthanGossBy: Albert Cameron – It’s fair to say that the scale on the day of the weigh ins could be the finish line on the long journey of fight preparation. Once you weigh in officially, you are able to rehydrate and consume whatever calories you need to get your body back to peak physical performing shape. A well thought out weight cut will take weeks; weeks of self-denial and careful dieting, restricting fluid intake. Cutting weight can be a calculated torture that only warriors would welcome upon themselves.

King of the Cage veteran Ethan “The Wolverine” Goss had spent weeks preparing for battle at Stage AE in Pittsburgh, working and dieting up to weigh ins. Goss, a man who carries low body fat to begin with, has a typical walking weight of approximately 170 pounds, his scheduled bout with Robert Armstrong was to be contested at 145 pounds. On the day of the weigh ins, Goss reports that he was ready to weigh in, but Armstrong did not show up. Ethan “The Wolverine” Goss turned to social media outlets with the following:

“When you are a professional athlete you are given a contract to abide by. Once you sign that dotted line you are married to that. I did my part, I showed up on weight ready to go. As for Robert Armstrong, you are a coward. When the history books are written I showed up and you were nowhere to be found. It is with unfortunate news that I will no longer be fighting tomorrow night due to Mr Armstrong not showing tonight. We are professional athletes you need to start acting like one. I sincerely apologize to all my fans that were expecting to see me in the ring as well as my sponsors, coaches and everyone involved. Thank you Legends Warehouse, Titan Fitness, Curry Rail Supply and Dignan-Brumbaugh martial arts for helping me prepare for this bout. From here all we can do is move on to the next one.”

The only explanation that Cage Nation TV was able to obtain was: Robert Armstrong just didn’t show up. In the sake of unbiased journalism, Robert Armstrong has not been consulted on this piece and his reasons have not been referenced. We are exploring and demonstrating the actions and opinions of Ethan Goss solely.

Ethan Goss was at Stage AE on Saturday night, ready to support the fellow warriors who were ready to fight. At one point, Goss sat beside us cage side to show his support. His hands shook, his jaw clenched; it was a healthy mix of anger and disappointment that he was unable to fight as planned. Goss did share with us a challenge to Robert Armstrong:

Robert Armstrong could pick the time, the place, the promotion; Goss would be willing to drive to Tennessee, he was coming for Robert Armstrong. The statement was peppered with some justified expletives that every man who has been cheated out of a chance to fight are entitled to. According to Goss, Robert Armstrong has reached out to him via social media, but offered no reason or solution to the problem created with his absence.

Should this challenge be accepted or declined, Cage Nation TV will keep you posted.