“Krazy Horse” Bennett is in for a Dog Fight with Francis Healy; Champion vs. Champion Main Event at King of the Cage: Destructive Intent

By: Albert Miller – King of the Cage (KOTC) is returning to the Meadows Casino in Washington, PA this weekend. If you read our article on the Heavyweight title fight and the podcast breakdown of the card, it was easy to come to the conclusion that KOTC had put on a tremendous card, but that they may have reached critical mass as far as “how can they put on a better card.” I guess the good news is that KOTC is in the top echelon of fight promotions in the world and they are experts at topping their last outings. With a firm faith in King of the Cage, I can confidently declare that they have usurped their last card in the area with King of the Cage: Destructive Intent.

Destructive Intent is being capped with a five round title fight between Juan Archuleta and Jordan Griffin, a bout for the KOTC Bantamweight (Featherweight by unified rules) championship held by Jordan Griffin. The twist? Juan Archuleta is the KOTC Lightweight champion. In the main event of Destructive Intent, we have champion vs. champion in a title fight that has global implications. King of the Cage has proven time and time again that the road to the main stages do go through King of the Cage; UFC veterans were KOTC veterans, PRIDE FC veterans, and so on. The main event for this weekend does have the ability and potential to change the course of both the Lightweight and Bantamweight (Featherweight) contenders in the US and the world.

There is one particular fight that caught my eye; a name that has been on the forefront of my conscious since before Cage Nation TV, before the MMA Rundown, and before the Ultimate Fighter being on television: Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett. In my world, Krazy Horse is a myth, a legend. Charles Bennett is a character that can only be safely viewed on television or on DVD; he’s bold, charismatic, a character, and he’s dangerous. The first time I saw Bennett fight was on the King of the Cage DVD collections that I collect. The bell rang and Bennett perched on top of the cage, goading his opponent to come after him. When EliteXC decided that they were going to promote on live TV, Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett was in the opening bout against KJ Noons; a bout that saw Noons take a nap in the middle of the cage and Bennett doing a backflip that could have earned him a medal if he’d been in the right competition. I’ve seen Krazy Horse fight for PRIDE, bouts against legendary names like Takanori Gomi and Urijah Faber. At King of the Cage: Destructive Intent, Krazy Horse is the most traveled and seasoned veteran stepping into the cage.

In Pennsylvania, all fights are equal, all actions have an equal and opposite reaction. Enter: Francis “The Mad Dog” Healy. For as wild and character like as Krazy Horse is, The Mad Dog is as intense in ways of grinding fights out and being ever vigilant for the finish. If you look at the numbers, Krazy Horse is more experienced, but Healy’s win-loss ratio is better in Healy’s favor. Of all of Bennett’s thirty losses, 67% of them have been by submission. Let’s compare that figure to Healy’s win record; of Healy’s six professional wins, 67% of them were by submission. Despite Bennett’s overwhelming record, his Achilles heel is right in Healy’s wheel house. Let’s look at the opposite side of that coin: Francis Healy has only been knocked out once professionally (by Khama Worthy, who is also fighting on Destructive Intent), but 59% of his twenty-nine victories have come by way of knock out. If anyone has the ability and skill to knock Francis Healy out again, it may very well by “Krazy Horse” Bennett.

What we have in the bout between Charles Bennett and Francis Healy is essentially the reason we all watch fights: the emotional investment. If you’ve ever been to a fight in Pittsburgh where Francis Healy was fighting, you know that the place comes unglued. At his very core, Francis Healy is as “hometown hero” as they come; he’s paid his dues in the Steel City and now he’s seeing success with one of the top international promotions on planet Earth. That hometown hero is going to war in his own backyard against one of the most animated veterans in the sport; there isn’t gold on the line, but something much more important. When Healy and Bennett meet in the middle of the cage, there is pride and prestige to be staked. Charles Bennett has fought all over the world, been to war for some of the biggest names, and is looking to make his mark in one of the most burgeoning fight scenes in the country. Krazy Horse is being welcomed to Pennsylvania by a man who means business every time he steps into the cage. In summation: Krazy Horse is in for a fight with the Mad Dog.

Also on the King of the Cage: Destructive Intent card:

  • Khama “the Deathstar” Worthy will take on Anthony Retic
  • Kyle Nickle draws “The Bionic Fist of Justice” Dann Cucuta
  • Jeremiah Nelson goes to war with Brandon “BLux” Lux
  • Undefeated records are on the line when Chaka “The Star Destroyer” Worthy takes on Brandon Campbell
  • Kyle Holt draws Jeremy Sakuta
  • Jessica Higman takes on Kristin Janese

King of the Cage: Destructive Intent takes place Saturday July 23rd at the Meadows Casino in Washington, PA. Tickets are available at www.cagetix.com!