NxSE Prospect Report: Chris Herd

Here is the “SE” portion of the North by South East Prospect report: our first Southern Fighter covered in the prospect report.

Chris Herd


  • Amateur Record: 4-0-0
  • Fights Out of North Carolina
  • 22 Years Old

What has impressed me most with Chris Herd is not how long I’ve seen him fight, but for how much time he hasn’t been in the cage. While still fighting as an amateur, it’s easy to identify that Herd trains to finish fights, that he prepares for long wars, but is able to implement an effective strategy to obtain victory.

The first fight that I saw Chris Herd fight was at Battle in the South; Herd had drawn Josh Yanez for the bout. Coming into the fight, Chris Herd had already been victorious against Austin Smith at the Battle in the South event prior, and Yanez was making his amateur debut. Rob Lynn (Cage Nation TV Photographer) always says “you can’t talk about a fight longer than it lasted,” and Chris Herd had afforded me thirteen seconds of speech to talk about his fight. Herd would dispatch of Michael Waters in Raleigh for Next Level Fight Club in very similar fashion just a few months later.

Chris Herd’s last bout found him an amateur champion for Wilmington, North Carolina’s Battle in the South. I don’t want to get too hung up on a fighter’s amateur performance; an amateur career is meant to discover yourself: what weight class someone should fight at, what their body mechanics are capable of, and what the natural strengths are. The reason that I’m highlighting Chris Herd is because the man is obviously a dedicated martial artist ad has a bright future in combat sports ahead of him.

Notable fights:

  • Michael Waters – Next Level Fight Club 6
  • Josh Yanez – Battle in the South 13
  • Robert Walin – Battle in the South 14