NxSE Prospect Report: “The Pretty Boy” Allen Crowder

“The Pretty Boy” Allen Crowder


  • Pro Record: 7-2-0
  • Fights out of North Carolina
  • Traditionally fights at Heavyweight

Truth be told: I don’t think Allen Crowder needs my help getting his name recognized. The Next Level Fight Club (NLFC) Heavyweight Champion was the recent benefactor of internet virility in his slam finish of “Coach” Chase Gamble. The Pretty Boy was humble in victory, even if that victory was absolute.

In the day and age where lighter fighters are becoming the forefront notice, Crowder is a traditional Heavyweight that defies most Heavyweight notions. He usually weighs in between 240 lbs and 250 lbs, making him nimble yet sturdy in competition. He has knockout power in his hands, submission skill in his limbs, and conditioning that a lot of Heavyweights aren’t able to command. In his last bout, Crowder was scheduled to fight Bellator veteran Richard White, who was weighing in over three hundred lbs; had the North Carolina Boxing Commission not intervened, Crowder would have taken the fight. Crowder defeated William Baptiste for the NLFC Heavyweight crown, and has yet to be dethroned.

Between his amateur and pro career, Crowder has a ton of title experience, experience in victory all around. With Bellator on the verge of igniting a free-agency arms race, it would not surprise me in the least to see “The Pretty Boy” Allen Crowder get signed by one of the world’s two largest fight promotions.