Cage Nation TV Sponsorship Giveaway!

With Cage Nation TV just celebrating its fourth year, we feel like we’ve accomplished a lot in the time we’ve been active. We’ve met some great athletes, made some great friends, built relationships with great promoters, and covered some really great fights. As we head into the next year, and the next five years after that, we want to grow our product exponentially. We’ve launched the Pioneer Program, looking to get new talent into our roster of creators and break into as many new territories as possible.

Part of that growth includes expanding our budget, and increasing channels of revenue. We’re always looking for sponsors, whose support is going to increase our production values, and get us to that next level. One of the best ways to let potential sponsors know the value in their support is to demonstrate what we can do for them. The good news for you is that our demonstration means that we’re giving away free sponsorships and advertisements to the people who already support us! Think of it as our way of saying thank you for being along with us on this crazy journey.

Entering is extremely easy, all you have to do is share the following picture on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and tag Cage Nation TV in the post, and you are automatically entered to be drawn. That’s it. Nothing else needs to be done. We’ll reach out to you via private message and we’ll get the details from you about your business and then you’ll be receiving free sponsorship on Cage Nation TV!


Here is a complete list of sponsorships we’re giving away:

  • :30 advertisements to play on either Cage Nation TV, Cage Nation: South, or The Prizefight Podcast (x4) for a month (4 episodes in total)
  • :60 advertisements to play on either Cage Nation TV, Cage Nation: South, or the Prizefight Podcast (x2) for a month (4 episodes in total)
  • Com sponsorship (x1) for a month
  • Exclusive sponsorship of the Friday 5ive (ex: “The [Enter Your Business Here] Friday 5ive” for one month, 4 articles in total)
  • Live read advertisement (x2) for a month (4 episodes in total) – for example “We’re going to take a quick commercial break, but before we do, I want to tell you about [enter your business name]…” followed by an endorsement
  • A specially created segment sponsored by your business (ex: “This is your weekly nutrition minute brought to you by Steve’s Fitness” or “This is your weekly chin check brought to you by Dave’s Barber shop, a great place to get an old fashioned shave”) (x1) for a month, 4 episodes in total
  • “This week in MMA History” sponsorship (x1) for a month, 4 episodes in total
  • Sponsorship of the North by South East Prospect Report (x1) for one month, 4 articles total
  • And the Grand Prize: Event coverage sponsorship for either Cage Nation TV or Cage Nation: South. (ex: “Coverage of National Fighting League 6 brought to you by [Enter your business]), your business mentioned at least 4 times for 1 event.

Our relationship with our audience has always been one of appreciation, and this is our way of trying to tell you how much we appreciate you. Thank you for your love and support!

Official Rules:

  1. Any business, organization, or cause is welcome to the enter
  2. Cage Nation TV reserves the right to disqualify any entrant for any reason
  3. Cage Nation TV will not air any advertisement on any program that promotes racism, sexism, illegal or criminal activity, or any other construed message of hate or intolerance
  4. Entries into the giveaway will commence immediately and will end on July 8th, 2017
  5. Sponsorships that are awarded will begin within two (2) weeks of notification, and will run for the duration of the awarded time period
  6. Cage Nation TV assumes no responsibility, and will be held harmless, in any perceived damage of image or loss of business that you feel you’ve experienced
  7. Cage Nation TV makes no guarantee or promise of any increase in business or revenue
  8. All sponsorships and advertisements awarded will be sent to the winner for approval; ads and sponsorships will not begin to air until approved by the winner
  9. Any political or perceived political ads will be tagged with “This is the opinion of the advertiser and not necessarily that of Cage Nation TV, it’s parents, or affiliates.”