NxSE Prospect Report: Josh Fremd

Josh Fremd

Josh Fremd

  • Amateur Record: 7-2-0
  • Traditionally fights at Welterweight
  • Title fight experience in the Ohio Valley & Pittsburgh regional fight circuits
  • Has amateur boxing experience

Josh Fremd has one of the best biological benefits that a welterweight could ask for: reach. Fremd is remarkably tall and long-limbed for his weight class, and he has made no bones about using his reach (both punching & kicking range) to keep opponents at bay until he’s ready to implement his own strategy. Seeing Josh fight, I’m often reminded of the late Corey “the Real Deal” Hill, who was able to create submission and striking opportunities for himself that others couldn’t because of the length of his limbs.

One of the fights that sticks in my mind the most, of Josh Fremd’s, is his bout with Jeremy Sakuta for Gladiators of the Cage. Fremd scored what has been affectionately called “The Sparta Kick” on Sakuta, which set up the blows that would end the fight. That match was featured on AXS TV’s “Inside MMA,” and really made a name for Fremd. Between all of his fights, Josh Fremd has scored a healthy mix of fight finishes: TKO’s, submissions, and decisions. Aside from being the Iron Tiger Fight Series amateur welterweight champion, Fremd also competed (and was successful) in the King of the Cage World Amateur Championships.

Josh Fremd is either has, or planned to, turn pro very soon.

Notable Fights:

  • Hersley Robinson – IT Fight Series 72
  • Zac Dominique – IT Fight Series 43
  • Jeremy Sakuta – Gladiators of the Cage

Fight Stats (Amateur):

  • Current Win/Loss Streak – 5 (Winning)
  • Wins – 7
    • TKO/KO – 3 (43%)
    • Submission – 3 (43%)
    • Decision – 1 (4%)
  • Losses – 2
    • TKO/KO – 0
    • Submission – 1 (50%)
    • Decision – 1 (50%)
  • Draws – 0