Friday 5ive: The Five Fastest Finishes of D’Juan “Dirty South” Owens

By: Albert Miller – If the person who believes that Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is full of blood thirsty barbarians still exists, then I would immediately introduce them to D’Juan Owens. One of D’Juan’s immediately noticeable qualities is how professional he is; D’Juan shows up for fights on weight, and is always looking to do business in such a way that will allow him to do more business later on down the road. Mr. Owens is the kind of guy with a firm handshake, comfortable eye contact, and the consummate professional.

With all of that being said, D’Juan is also a very skilled Martial Artist and an entertaining competitor. “Dirty South” has a lot of fights go the distance, but they are entertaining rounds. As good as his gas tank, and long term strategy is, D’Juan is just as good at stopping fights cold. This week’s Friday 5ive is five of “Dirty South’s” fastest finishes.

No. 5: vs. Myron Baker – Odyssey Fights Round 2

No. 4: vs. Ran Weathers – Draka 15 – USA Debut

No. 3: vs. Drew Lipton – Next Level Fight Club 3

-No Video Available – 4:28 of Round 1, by Arm Triangle

No. 2: vs. Brandon Boggs – WCF: Bull City Brawl 10

No. 1: vs. Brian Karmolinski – Fight Lab 20

Thanks for joining us for the Friday 5ive; until next time: Fights, Cameron, Action!