Cage Nation TV: 2013-2017

According to Executive Producer & Host, Albert Miller, Cage Nation TV is done. In a statement that was released to Cage Nation TV founders earlier today, all operations of Cage Nation TV are to cease, effective immediately.

In a statement released by Albert Miller:

Cage Nation TV was an amazing project that I am extremely proud of. In that vehicle, I’ve experienced more than I ever thought possible. It was ten years ago, this year, that I was witnessing MMA history; cards that would have ramifications for years to come. Ten years ago, I would have never imagined that I’d be able to do what I’ve done, that I’d be allowed to exist in the professional fighter’s universe the way that I have. I am eternally grateful to every athlete who had interacted with us, for each promoter that allowed us to cover their events, and for the folks who supported our videos and podcasts throughout the years. Most importantly, I’d like to thank my brothers: Rob Lynn, Drew Shannon, Mike Kessling, and Pat Johnston (while he was with us); the memories of covering fights and building this thing with you guys has been an honor that I cannot describe. These are the memories that I will treasure as long as I draw breath. Thank you all for the years of memories, and here’s to everyone’s future endeavors and their limitless success.

“The Big Fellah” Albert Miller

There has not been any word on any future projects from Miller or the founders. This will be the last news that this outlet will break.

Signing off.