OPINION: Is Collegiate MMA a Viable Concept?

Cage Nation Patch STATE COLLEGE 2By: Albert Cameron – In this day and age, there is a collegiate club or team for just about every sport or activity you can think of. In State College, PA, there is a store directly across from campus that sells apparel for the majority of those clubs. Right behind the register, you can see t-shirts and hats for the Penn State Wrestling team, Boxing team, Lacrosse team, Swimming team, Rowing team and a host of others. It’s understood that a few of these organizations are “clubs” with no official University sanction, but just about any athletic endeavor has a team of students that compete, intramurally or otherwise. Continue reading “OPINION: Is Collegiate MMA a Viable Concept?”

We’re Not Ready for the Next Evolution of Combat Sports

Bold statement, right? It’s true, at least in my opinion. The other night I was watching a hype trailer for the next Bareknuckle Boxing (BKB) event on Direct TV and I find myself scratching my head. The question that came to my mind was, why? Why go through the trouble of having gloves made that are knuckle-less? Why go through the trouble of trying to update the traditional boxing ring? Why make a product that is different just for the sake of being different? The only answer that I can seem to get out of any major outlet is: “…Because it’s the next evolution of boxing!” I maintain my prior stance: why? Continue reading “We’re Not Ready for the Next Evolution of Combat Sports”