Battleground: Atoona – The Future of the Logan Valley Fight Circuit

Cage Nation Patch ALTOONABy Albert Cameron – Complete Devastation MMA (CDMMA) was supposed to hold their twelfth installment of the Altoona born fight series. Due to one unfortunate circumstance or another, the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission (PSAC) had decided to pull the plug on the event and for the first time in Logan Valley history, a professional – amateur MMA fight card had been cancelled. A fight card getting the death sentence isn’t the worst thing in the world of combat sports; in fact, PSAC puts such regulations in place for the protection of the fighters and the fight fans. If a fight card wasn’t coming together in a way that was conducive to everyone getting the best possible outcome, they will pull the card without thinking twice. Continue reading “Battleground: Atoona – The Future of the Logan Valley Fight Circuit”

OPINION: Could Mark Cherico Retire GOTC Champion?

ChericoBy Albert Cameron – “The Pride of Bloomfield” Mark Cherico announced (via his personal facebook account) that his upcoming fight would be his last. He stated that he promised himself that he’d retire when fighting was no longer fun and that he’d stuck it out this long to honor the dedication that he’d put into his training and commitment. If all goes as planned, his last bout will be for the Gladiators of the Cage (GOTC) promotion; the fight is slated as a title fight with Nathan Landwehr. (card is subject to change). Continue reading “OPINION: Could Mark Cherico Retire GOTC Champion?”

5 Things You Might Not Know About Doing Fight Commentary

Cage Nation Patch STATE COLLEGE 2By Albert Cameron – I have reached a milestone in my MMA fandom: I have read the last thread on MMA message boards that I am ever going to read about how bad Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg are at doing commentary. As someone who does it regularly, Joe and Mike are the highest echelon attainable when it comes to doing MMA commentary. Instead of getting on a soapbox and spitting venom at the haters, I have decided that I am better off giving a little insight as to how commentary is run and maybe we’ll all love Joe and Mike just a little bit more. Continue reading “5 Things You Might Not Know About Doing Fight Commentary”