We want you to Pioneer new territory for Cage Nation TV!

Have you thought about starting an MMA YouTube Channel or Blog but wasn’t real sure how or wasn’t sure how to build the audience? If so, then we were meant cross paths with each other!

We started out as a small web video that grew into a group that covers fights over a few cities and states. As happy as we are with where we’ve come, we are not satisfied in staying there. We want Cage Nation TV to be an army; we want to cover fights in our cities, and your cities! We want you to contribute to blogs, we want you to go to fights, we want you to create YouTube videos and Podcasts; most of all, we want to welcome you to the Cage Nation TV family!

Benefits of being a Cage Nation Pioneer:

  • Your content will be packaged with an established brand, and will go out to an established audience
  • We will arrange for your press credentials so that you can attend fights
  • We will actively seek out sponsorship opportunities for you, or partner with you to find sponsors*
  • We will mentor and coach you on presentation, delivery, and editing of your content
  • Your primary responsibility is to create content based around the sport you love

*Sponsorship income is not promised or guaranteed.

The only way that we can grow our brand and network is to welcome new individuals into the fold; that’s why we are actively seeking those individuals out. As a Cage Nation Pioneer, we want to create a platform for your content to be consumed, so that you can hit the ground running.

What areas qualify for pioneering?

I (founder, Albert Miller) grew up in a small town that had absolutely nothing going on for it, so it wouldn’t make sense for me to try to establish a “Cage Nation: Houtzdale.” Even though I couldn’t create a pioneer location for the town I got my mail in, I did have access to Altoona, PA, which did hold regular fights. If you are within driving distance to an area that regularly holds fights, then that area qualifies.

When looking at an area to break ground in, we’re looking for the following:

  • An area that has regular fights, regular being defined at least three to four events per year
  • An area that has a fight fan population
  • Areas that have State Athletic Commissions or Boxing Authorities that actively sanction Mixed Martial Arts; we will not entertain or report on fights that are not sanctioned or may be construed as “back yard.” (NOTE: fights being held on Native American or First Nation reservation lands will be considered on a case-by-case basis)

What we expect from you:

When you agree to be a Cage Nation Pioneer, you are taking the responsibility of representing the brand that we have all worked very hard to create. That responsibility comes with some expectations that we’ll expect you to adhere to. These expectations have not been established to restrict anyone or encroach on their freedom to speak and report, but to respect and advance our vision and core values.

  • That you will treat fighters and promoters with respect and humility
  • That you will create content on a regular and consistent frequency
  • That you will take pride in the fight circuit you are covering, that you will let that pride be evident (without sacrificing objectivity and impartiality)
  • That you will show respect to other members of the press and media
  • That you will uphold the expectations of press and media when attending a fight
  • That you will create works with inspiration and passion
  • That you will come to us when you need help and will offer ideas and suggestions to help us grow
  • That you will have fun!

We’re very excited about our efforts to grow this project, we’re looking forward to hearing from anyone who wants to pioneer and contribute! If you are interested, or just have questions about the Pioneer Program, please do not hesitate to email us at!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and we’re ready to welcome you to the fold!