We’re very proud of the places we’ve been and the promotions that we’ve covered events for. To show that pride, we’ve assembled a “passport” to show where we’ve been and to be proud of where we’re going!


 001_Greensburg, WCC  002_Pittsburgh, GOTC
 003_Altoona, VFL  004_Altoona, CDMMA
 005_Canonsburg, Pinnacle  006_Johnstown, GOTC
 007_Cleveland, GOTC  008_Butler, GOTC
 009_Cheswick, GOTC  010_Cheswick, Pinnacle
 011_Washington, KOTC  012_Pittsburgh, PinnacleBoxing
 013_Ranson, VFL  014_Erie, BB
 015_wilmington-bits  016_raleigh-nlfc