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 Episode 62  This week: Altoona’s boxing scene is contributing to the Altoona Combat Sport legacy more than expected; what has happened to the heavyweight division?; Also, we’re discussing the concept of “Greatest of All Time”!
 Episode 61  You heard it here first: Kickboxing is taking over! We’re talking about the upcoming changes that we see coming; We’re taking a moment to appreciate King of the Cage and everything that they’ve done right; Kazushi Sakuraba gets inducted into the UFC hall of fame, but we have a list of names that we think should be considered too!
Episode 60  This week we’re talking to South Eastern contender D’Juan “Dirty South” Owens! He talks about what lead him to MMA, his work in Africa to teach self defense, and much much more!
Episode 59  Bayfront Brawl is coming to Erie, PA on May 20th! We’re counting down three pro fights on the card, three fights on a stacked card that you don’t want to miss!
 Episode 58  Next Level Fight Club 7 is coming to Raleigh, North Carolina and if its anything like the last one, you don’t want to miss it! We’re breaking down the main event, co-main and others!
 Episode 57  This week we’re talking about Wladimir Klitschko and when he should be in the same conversation as “Iron” Mike Tyson and “The Real Deal” Evander Holyfield. Jump in on the discussion in the comments section and let’s get some answers!
 Episode 56  This week on the Prizeight Podcast: Is Bellator about the kick off a free-agent arms race with the UFC? World Series of Fighting has flamed out and the Professional Fighting League takes its place, how will it shape up? All that and more on the Prizefight Podcast!
 Episode 55  The Azalea Festival is this weekend in Wilmington, NC and there is a FREE OF CHARGE boxing tournament being held! We’re speaking to Coach Andre from Port City Boxing about what we can expect, the tradition of the tournament, and about the future of boxing!
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This week on the Prizefight Podcast: Are Ohio MMA promotions posturing to take Pittsburgh MMA Market Share? Is it time for the UFC to conduct another talent raid on Invicta FC? War Machine is a scumbag, and Albert writes him off forever

Episode 53  The Spring is really heating up for the South Eastern Combat sports scene! There are three big events coming up before the Summer and we’re telling you why you need to get them on your radar now!
Episode 52  Albert is telling his favorite stories from Complete Devastation MMA (CDMMA), trying to encourage MMA to come back to Altoona, PA!
 Episode 51  All things being cyclical and relative, is MMA in for a downtick in action and momentum? If so, what can be done about it? Find out right here on the Prizefight Podcast!
Episode 50  On this week’s Prizefight Podcast: Albert FINALLY puts to rest some questions that have been burning in that big head of his! He tracks down a boxer that lost a fight 4 years ago; does her prefer a cage or a ring? Who is his greatest of all time? What is the worst promotion he’s ever seen? All that and more right here on the Prizefight Podcast!
Episode 49  On this week’s episode: Georges St. Pierre is back in the UFC and we’re looking at it from all angles! Was he the best Welterweight champion ever? Who should be his next fight? Did he employ Conor McGregor tactics to get his way? PLUS: Cyborg is back and a new day may be dawning, also, is boxing wrestling market share away from the UFC? Find out this week on the Prizefight Podcast!
Episode 48  “The Bionic Fist of Justice” Dann Cucuta will be making his pro boxing debut at Pinnacle Boxing Championships and he was so gracious to take some time and talk to us. It’s an interview where you are going to learn a lot about one of Pittsburgh’s most seasoned Prizefighters!
Episode 47  You’ve seen it all over the internet: the terrifying slam that ended the MMA fight in North Carolina. Cage Nation TV is speaking to the Next Level Fight Club Heavyweight champion, “The Pretty Boy” Allen Crowder and he’s telling us all about the moments leading up to the fight and what’s next for the regional Heavyweight sensation!
 Episode 46  This weekend, Next Level Fight Club is holding their 6th installment in Raleigh, NC! The card features an amateur title bout between Matthew Johnson & Andrew Havener, Harry Coltrane is making his pro debut against Mumia Abu Dey Ali, and Allen Crowder defends his Next Level Heavyweight championship against Bellator MMA veteran Richard White! We’re telling you why you cannot miss this card!
 Episode 45  Everyone knows that Floyd Mayweather, Jr. turned down the fight with Conor McGregor ….or did he? We’re talking about the ins and outs of what could potentially be the biggest super fight in combat sports and how it is most certainly NOT off the table! PLUS: Too much has gone down, the Big Fellah is writing off Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy!
Episode 44  Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. is promoting a fight between Chris Brown and Soul’ja Boy Tell Em, what are the implications to this fight and is it worth everyone’s time? Is Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov trying to tip the contender scales in his favor? “The Super Samoan” Mark Hunt is ready to sue anyone who crosses his path, AND War Machine FINALLY has a court date!
Episode 43  Happy New Year! On this week’s Prizefight Podcast: We believe that “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey isn’t done, despite evidence that says otherwise. The Big Fellah breaks down why he believes in a Rousey comeback; PLUS: Mirko “CroCop” Filipovic wins the Rizin Fighting Federation Open Weight Grand Prix, is Rizin hurting CroCop’s career with the fights they are offering him?
Episode 42  On this week’s Prizefight Podcast: This week in MMA history is a big week for “The Gracie Hunter” Kazushi Sakuraba; PLUS: The UFC’s Featherweight division needs a big time overhaul and guys like “The Honey Badger” Dominic Mazzotta and “The Pride of Bloomfield” Mark Cherico might just be the guys to do it! “The Executioner” Bernard Hopkins, Jr. is in retirement and we talk about our thoughts on the champ, AND is the MMAAA already starting to crack? We’re talking about the very obvious signs that the Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association isn’t as strong as they’d have you believe!
 Episode 35  This week on the Prizefight Podcast – News: Gladiators of the Cage, UFC Layoffs, and is Shane Carwin coming back?! This week in MMA History! Who is going to benefit from the UFC’s new change in direction? You’ll want to hear what the Big Fellah has to say about it!
 Episode 25  On this special episode of the Prizefight Podcast, we’re sharing “the Best of ‘What’s Eating Albert Cameron’ Volume 1” from the public access tv show “The MMA Rundown.” The Big Fellah gets a burr under his saddle and shoots at the hip in this special collection from yesteryear!
 Episode 24  On this week’s Prizefight Podcast: reports about the UFC being bought and sold have been conflicting all week, but aren’t we forgetting about some people very important? The greatest welterweight champion of all time is coming back for a superfight! …but is that superfight so super? Plus, it’s important that we not turn our back on boxing and we’ll tell you all about it!
Episode 23  The UFC sale is just about complete, according to reports, what can UFC fans expect and how good (or bad) can it get? Ohio has caused something of an uproar with their new weight cut regulations; Has Brock Lesnar defected to Canada? Two new fighters are being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, are there more deserving names?
Episode 22  The show opens with a ten bell salute to Muhammad Ali & Kimbo Slice. There is a delicate balance between the press & promoters, was the UFC justified in ejecting Ariel Helwani? Brock Lesnar is coming back, but what is the controversy surrounding his return? Eric Light is battling Bellator, Albert explains why Kimbo Slice’s name should be left out of it.
 Episode 21  Gladiators of the Cage 21 goes down this weekend! We’re breaking down the stellar fights of Jonas Rubiano vs. Cody Riggs, Anthony Romera vs. Isiah Williams, Ethan Goss vs. Chase Rowden, Dino Juklo vs. Elijah Gboille, Khama “The Death Star” Worthy vs. Adrian Vilaca, Robert Morrow vs. Daniel “The Dragon” Spohn, Chris Dempsey vs. Adam Hunter & Joey “the Hitman” Holt vs. Mike “Popezilla” Pope! 4 title fights!
 Episode 20  Special Memorial Day edition of the Prizefight Podcast; Darrell Horcher involved in a motorcycle accident in PA! Eric Light is launching a wrongful termination lawsuit against Bellator and Viacom! Could the Ali Act begin to impact MMA? A Pre-Preview of GOTC on June 4th at Stage AE!
Episode 19  King of the Cage is coming to the Meadows Casino in Washington, PA and we’re breaking down why you need to be at the event! We’re analyzing Fadi Shuman vs. Sean White, Francis Healy vs. Pedro Velasco, Justin Steave vs. Anthony Morgan, and we’re talking about the national implications of the May 21st Main Event!
Episode 18  Is the rumored sale of the UFC a bigger deal than thought? Who stands to benefit if a UFC deal does go south? We discuss it at length on this week’s Prizefight Podcast!
Episode 17  Gladiators of the Cage added some big fights to their upcoming fight card, Albert weighs in on the additions. Nevada is about to start requiring brain health testing, and Jon “Bones” Jones vs. Daniel “DC” Cormier replaces botched main event at UFC 200!
Episode 16  Does Connor McGregor deserve all of the blue collar praise that he’s getting? Albert shares his thoughts and opinions on the subject!
 Episode 15  Joey “the Hitman” Holt draws southern prospect Jordan Rinaldi at Gladiators of the Cage on June 4th! Adrien “The Problem” Broner has just that: …problems! BJ Penn back on track, will fight Dennis Siver, Manny Pacquiao retires!
 Episode 14  Darrell “The Saint” Horcher gets picked up by the UFC; Albert reminisces about the fight that helped launch him. Lenny Karlheim and Ethan Goss will be competing in superfights in Indiana, PA; what is going on with the women’s bantamweight division as of late?
Episode 13  “The Pride of Bloomfield” Mark Cherico is our special guest on the Prizefight Podcast! The top 10 featherweight talks about running a gym, family life, and returning to the cage since retiring in October!
 Episode 12  Special Guest: “Handsome” Jim Aujay! Pinnacle FC 13 is going down this weekend and we break down what you need to know in one of Pittsburgh’s most important main events!
Episode 11  A WSOF fighter suspended for doing a post-fight back flip? People hate the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission, and Dan “The Beast” Severn has words for “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock
Episode 10  Gladiators of the Cage just announced some BIG fights to their upcoming card, we’re pumped and we’re going to tell you why you should be too!
Episode 9  Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission is getting a lot of flack, is it deserved? Gladiators of the Cage and Pinnacle FC have a two big cards coming up!
 Episode 8  Big weekend for Bellator! Plus, accusations against BJ Penn & has Manny Pacquiao permanently damaged his reputation?
 Episode 7  UFC’s Fight Pass picks up some brand new promotions, Premier Boxing Champions is also making some solid moves. Albert remembers Kevin “The Monster” Randleman.
 Episode 6  Benson Henderson signs with Bellator, Dehydration Weight Cuts, Donald “The Cowboy” Cerrone gets a brand new opponent for the UFC’s Pittsburgh card.
 Episode 5  Adam Milstead gets the call to the UFC, and we’re talking about how the UFC’s acquisition of Milstead is a big deal!
 Episode 4  Albert comes across a website that touts wrestlers who would totally dominate in MMA …big guy kinda loses composure.
 Episode 3  Phil “CM Punk” Brooks is close to getting an opponent named. We talk about what has lead to and what the consequences of his first fight may be.
 Episode 2  Is the MMA World Series of Fighting dropping the ball on their opportunity to expand?
 Episode 1  The first episode of the Prizefight Podcast! Albert talks about the Japanese MMA New Years Eve tradition & talks about the Rizin FF as big of a deal as perceived?