Friday Five: Five Worst Promotions in MMA [Monday Edition]

Cage Nation Patch MMABy: Albert Cameron – I don’t think many of us have to argue about which Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotion is the best, in fact, we find ourselves in disagreement about which promotions are number two and number three. With the recent financial troubles of World Series of Fighting (WSOF) and the recent promotion snafus of Bellator, we may be having a completely different discussion about who is number two or three in the next year.

With all of that considered, I wanted to dedicate this week’s Friday Five to the five worst MMA promotions in my opinion. I can’t say that strongly enough: in my opinion. I’ve seen some promising promotions that could have rivaled the UFC (Extreme Fighting) and I’ve also seen some promotions that didn’t have a prayer (I’m looking at you, IFC; I bought two events for two dollars at Wal-Mart). Let’s run down this week’s Friday Five: Continue reading “Friday Five: Five Worst Promotions in MMA [Monday Edition]”