Friday 5ive: Five of the Most Unusual Things I’ve Seen as a Fight Commentator

Cage Nation Patch MMABy: Albert Cameron – Being a fight commentator is one part voice marathon, three parts preparation, and one part keeping your reactions in check. You practice your delivery, warm up your voice, prepare a ream of notes weeks ahead of time; keeping your reactions in check? Not as easy as it may sound. For this week’s Friday 5ive, I’m counting down five moments where I almost lost my cool on the microphone out of sheer surprise. Continue reading “Friday 5ive: Five of the Most Unusual Things I’ve Seen as a Fight Commentator”

Friday Five: Five of Altoona’s Most Important Fights (Part One)

Cage Nation Patch ALTOONABy: Albert Cameron – Happy New Year folks! The New Year is a time for hopeful forecasting of one’s ambitions and hopes for the future; it’s also a great time to reflect on past accomplishments and defeats, to learn from the lessons history teaches. For me, it’s both. I’m holding on to a strong hope that the Altoona fight scene will be able to recover from the closure and absence of a strong, centralized MMA promotion; I’m also hoping that a much stronger presence emerges from the ashes of what was. This week’s Friday Five is a reflection on five of the most important fights to ever come out of the Logan Valley. Its part one in a series, aimed at reminding everyone of what was and what could be. Continue reading “Friday Five: Five of Altoona’s Most Important Fights (Part One)”

Battleground: Atoona – The Future of the Logan Valley Fight Circuit

Cage Nation Patch ALTOONABy Albert Cameron – Complete Devastation MMA (CDMMA) was supposed to hold their twelfth installment of the Altoona born fight series. Due to one unfortunate circumstance or another, the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission (PSAC) had decided to pull the plug on the event and for the first time in Logan Valley history, a professional – amateur MMA fight card had been cancelled. A fight card getting the death sentence isn’t the worst thing in the world of combat sports; in fact, PSAC puts such regulations in place for the protection of the fighters and the fight fans. If a fight card wasn’t coming together in a way that was conducive to everyone getting the best possible outcome, they will pull the card without thinking twice. Continue reading “Battleground: Atoona – The Future of the Logan Valley Fight Circuit”

IT’S OFFICIAL: Rematch Between Cantolina and Goss Set For November 1st!

cdmma-logoAltoona, PA. Match makers for the Complete Devastation MMA (CDMMA) promotion have signed the rematch that the Steel City Fight scene has been asking for. On November 1st, 2014 at the Jaffa Mosque, Ethan “The Wolverine” Goss (6-4-0) will be taking on “The Raging Bull” Rich Cantolina (10-7-0). As if a rematch between two of Pittsburgh’s most highly coveted prospects wasn’t enough, it will be for Cantolina’s CDMMA Amateur Featherweight Championship. Continue reading “IT’S OFFICIAL: Rematch Between Cantolina and Goss Set For November 1st!”

Jon Rearick vs. Dan O’Neil 2 Set For November 1st?

cdmma-logoTensions are getting high in the Jon Rearick camp this afternoon. According to Jon Rearick’s personal facebook page, he has been challenged by Dan O’Neil and by the sounds of it, he’s accepting the fight. Rearick said on Facebook:

“[SIC] Soo my mind is made up! I was gonna wait till Oct to fight in Johnstown but I just got called out by Dan O’Neil the guy I lost to in Nov!! Beat me one time cool 2nd u won’t make it out alive! And ur talking shit! Ur reason is u don’t think I’m nice soo u can step into my house but u won’t make it out!”

Continue reading “Jon Rearick vs. Dan O’Neil 2 Set For November 1st?”

Amateur Featherweight Daniel O’Neil Announces Retirement

dan oneilDaniel O’Neil, a student of Central PA MMA, has called it a day on his fighting career; O’Neil will be leaving the combat sports world behind in both of his disciplines: Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai.

O’Neil (2-1-0) had fully intended on closing the curtains on his career at the Sherman Cage Rage 6 event, but an injury sustained at his last kickboxing fight had aggravated an existing injury and left him unable to fulfill his obligation to Sherman Cage Rage. O’Neil described the aggravated injury as a hernia that had been repaired from years prior; weakened muscle walls, especially in the abdomen can be excruciatingly painful. Continue reading “Amateur Featherweight Daniel O’Neil Announces Retirement”

CDMMA to Return to Altoona on November 1st

It’s official: Complete Devastation MMA (CDMMA) will be returning for their tenth installment on November 1st in Altoona, PA. At this particular moment, details are scarce; what we do know is that the CDMMA brass has confirmed the promotions return for that date.Image

While nothing is official, we have heard that newly crowned Welterweight Champion Brett “Showtime” Shoenfelt has been contacted to appear, but no opponent has been named and no indication of whether or not Shoenfelt will defend his crown on the card. CDMMA 10 will be the second installment of Complete Devastation under the new ownership: Complete Devastation MMA, LLC. Continue reading “CDMMA to Return to Altoona on November 1st”