Jon Rearick vs. Dan O’Neil 2 Set For November 1st?

cdmma-logoTensions are getting high in the Jon Rearick camp this afternoon. According to Jon Rearick’s personal facebook page, he has been challenged by Dan O’Neil and by the sounds of it, he’s accepting the fight. Rearick said on Facebook:

“[SIC] Soo my mind is made up! I was gonna wait till Oct to fight in Johnstown but I just got called out by Dan O’Neil the guy I lost to in Nov!! Beat me one time cool 2nd u won’t make it out alive! And ur talking shit! Ur reason is u don’t think I’m nice soo u can step into my house but u won’t make it out!”

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Amateur Featherweight Daniel O’Neil Announces Retirement

dan oneilDaniel O’Neil, a student of Central PA MMA, has called it a day on his fighting career; O’Neil will be leaving the combat sports world behind in both of his disciplines: Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai.

O’Neil (2-1-0) had fully intended on closing the curtains on his career at the Sherman Cage Rage 6 event, but an injury sustained at his last kickboxing fight had aggravated an existing injury and left him unable to fulfill his obligation to Sherman Cage Rage. O’Neil described the aggravated injury as a hernia that had been repaired from years prior; weakened muscle walls, especially in the abdomen can be excruciatingly painful. Continue reading “Amateur Featherweight Daniel O’Neil Announces Retirement”