Friday 5ive: The 5 Fastest Finishes of Dominic “The Hondey Badger” Mazzotta

DominicMazzottaBy: Albert Cameron – It was inevitable: we now live in a Post-Chris Dempsey & Mark Cherico Pittsburgh MMA circuit. To the big credit of the Pittsburgh promoters, they’ve been cultivating the main eventers of tomorrow (or today, as perspective would allow) and we haven’t been left with fights that aren’t relevant, with fights thrown together because there has to be main event. What has kept the Pittsburgh MMA circuit strong is that these promoters have maintained a steady and lineal stream of champions and contenders. Without the brass ring, the other fights lose their shine as well. In the spirit of those champions and contenders, Pinnacle FC has announced that their next main event will be Dominic “The Honey Badger” Mazzotta vs. Rob Hannah, a champion vs. a fierce contender. To celebrate Pinnacle FC’s main event announcement, we’re dedicating this week’s Friday Five to the Five Fastest Finishes of Dominic “The Honey Badger” Mazzotta. Continue reading “Friday 5ive: The 5 Fastest Finishes of Dominic “The Hondey Badger” Mazzotta”

Are Guys Like Mike Wilkins the Next Generation of Main Eventer?

mikewilkinsThe June 14th main event between Mike Wilkins and Eric Calderon was the first Gladiators of the Cage (GOTC) main event that didn’t feature Chris Dempsey in a long time. When you find yourself in the main event, for a promotion that is dog-fighting for market share in a major metropolitan area, the pressure is immense. There is high-caliber training to be concerned with, proper diet, day jobs and selling tickets to offset training costs; now let’s add that to the pressure that your fight is for the promotion that brought such Pittsburgh classic fights like Jaime Chesney vs. Jessica Richman (the first female fight in the metropolitan area), the grudge fight between Dominick “The Honey Badger” Mazzotta vs. Cody “No Love” Garbrandt and Chris Dempsey’s come-one-come-all title defenses. Continue reading “Are Guys Like Mike Wilkins the Next Generation of Main Eventer?”

Amateur Featherweight Daniel O’Neil Announces Retirement

dan oneilDaniel O’Neil, a student of Central PA MMA, has called it a day on his fighting career; O’Neil will be leaving the combat sports world behind in both of his disciplines: Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai.

O’Neil (2-1-0) had fully intended on closing the curtains on his career at the Sherman Cage Rage 6 event, but an injury sustained at his last kickboxing fight had aggravated an existing injury and left him unable to fulfill his obligation to Sherman Cage Rage. O’Neil described the aggravated injury as a hernia that had been repaired from years prior; weakened muscle walls, especially in the abdomen can be excruciatingly painful. Continue reading “Amateur Featherweight Daniel O’Neil Announces Retirement”