Friday 5ive: Five of our Favorite Ring/Cage Entrances

Cage Nation Patch MMABy: Albert Cameron – I often get asked why I’m such a PRIDE FC fan boy. The answer, while an amalgamation of a couple of different reasons, usually boils down to their production values. I know that PRIDE FC is gone and is never coming back; no matter how many times we try and repackage the product as DREAM, Rizin FF, or Sengoku, PRIDE is gone. I’ve made peace with that. On this week’s Friday 5ive, I wanted to count down five of my favorite cage entrances. The entrance, that was the magic in PRIDE. It was ceremony and actually built the drama to the fight. Whether those entrances were serious, somber, or entertaining, it got you ready for the fight. So, for this week’s Friday 5ive: five of my favorite cage entrances Continue reading “Friday 5ive: Five of our Favorite Ring/Cage Entrances”