Friday 5ive: Five of the Best Underdog Stories in MMA

Friday 5ive: Five of the Best Underdog Stories in MMA

By: Albert Cameron – There are many reasons that we have all been drawn to pugilism; it could be the contest, the pageantry, or seeing one human being separate another human being from consciousness. No matter what your reason may be, it is universally understood that your reason is amplified when the victory and glory is obtained by the one half of the contest that was never supposed to win. This has been the case all throughout history; it’s why we make comparisons to David and Goliath, why Hanukah is celebrated, and why the movie Rocky 2 is such an inspiration to us all. When the underdog has overcome adversity, when the customary loser has achieved the unachievable, we almost identify a hidden greatness within ourselves. We don’t just cheer for the winner, we root for the impossible, and that gives us all a sense of empowerment. Continue reading “Friday 5ive: Five of the Best Underdog Stories in MMA”

Friday 5ive: Five Olympians Who Have Competed in MMA

Cage Nation Patch MMABy: Albert Cameron: If I’m trying to crack a joke about how long it has been since I’ve done something, I’ll say something to the effect of “Well, when’s the next Olympics?” That one backfired on me recently, because I didn’t know. I grab my phone this morning, turn to Google, and find out that the next games are this year in Brazil. Feeling like a little bit of a chump, I’ve decided to dedicate this year’s Friday 5ive to five Olympians that have competed in Mixed Martial Arts. Continue reading “Friday 5ive: Five Olympians Who Have Competed in MMA”

FRIDAY FIVE: 5 Most Influential Judoka in Modern MMA

Cage Nation Patch MMA.jpgBy: Albert Cameron – Thanks to the Gracie Family and Pay-Per-View in the 1990’s, we consider Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to be in the upper echelon of grappling arts, especially when it comes to real world practicality. It was no secret that the early UFC events were glorified infomercials for Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, but the unintended consequence was that we were given a crystal ball into how combat sports would evolve, change, and what kind of athletes would champion combat sports. At UFC 5, we’ve seen a wrestler capture the tournament championship (Dan Severn); with that victory, the evolution began. There had been enough exposure for the world to see for people to begin developing anti-BJJ techniques. Continue reading “FRIDAY FIVE: 5 Most Influential Judoka in Modern MMA”