Friday Five: Five of Altoona’s Most Important Fights (Part One)

Cage Nation Patch ALTOONABy: Albert Cameron – Happy New Year folks! The New Year is a time for hopeful forecasting of one’s ambitions and hopes for the future; it’s also a great time to reflect on past accomplishments and defeats, to learn from the lessons history teaches. For me, it’s both. I’m holding on to a strong hope that the Altoona fight scene will be able to recover from the closure and absence of a strong, centralized MMA promotion; I’m also hoping that a much stronger presence emerges from the ashes of what was. This week’s Friday Five is a reflection on five of the most important fights to ever come out of the Logan Valley. Its part one in a series, aimed at reminding everyone of what was and what could be. Continue reading “Friday Five: Five of Altoona’s Most Important Fights (Part One)”